Doubt and denial are often the first reaction when patients are confronted with something that runs counter to their own experience or when a discovery casts doubt on what they have learned at school. HoloLife has two decades of clinical cases and empirical findings that quells any doubt about healing. Our perseverance over the past 20 years has not been in vain!

“Getting me to walk again! What I once considered impossible now looks like a great possibility!”

(Patient hit by a stroke two years earlier)
“In the past we were used to having about two epileptic episodes each month. But he hasn’t had any for over two years now.”

(Mother of an epileptic)
“When I relied solely on Western drugs, I often felt like killing myself! But now I’m feeling much better and even thinking of looking for a job.”

(Patient of Parkinson’s disease)

“Now I can finally have a good night’s sleep, an experience I haven’t had for a long time.”

(Victim of sleep disturbance)

“I never thought that the heavens would present a path of hope.”

(Depression patient)

“When I’m making dinner, he’ll start looking into the fridge and cupboards for food.”

(Mother of an inappetence patient)

“It’s incredible that not only my rhinitis is cured but my dark circles are gone.”

(Patient of allergic rhinitis)

“I used to think that every waking day was no more than another dragging day. I never thought that my body would start functioning again. Also I would always have asthma attacks whenever I came down with the flu. Now it never happens.”
(Patient of asthma and atopic dermatitis)

“Before every chemotherapeutic session the question was if there would be enough white blood cells. And afterwards there would be this excruciating pain as if you were being stung by tens of thousands of ants. I would wonder if I could ever make it through the entire process of chemotherapy. But now I want to stay alive and dare to talk about the future.” (Cancer patient under chemotherapy)

“Now he no longer repeats himself and can find the toilet.”

(Primary caretaker of a dementia patient)

“The heels that have never touched the ground for 11 years can now finally do so!”

(Mother of a cerebral palsy patient)

“The doctor advised me to consider artificial joint implants but the advice is totally irrelevant now!”

(Patient of degenerative joint disease)

“The fear that my heart would suddenly stop is gone. Also gone is my chest tightness.”

(Arrhythmia patient)

“For a long time I simply could not eat glutinous-rice dumplings, but now I can!”

(Patient of stomach functional disorder)

“I’ve been taking painkillers for more than twenty years. But now I can stop.”

(Dysmenorrhea patient)

“I’m now a completely different person. I’m capable of observation and thought. I no longer complain all the time and can show others love and care!”

(Participant in HoloLife Physical and Mental Potential Expansion Project)

“When I took Western medicine, it simply could not bring down my blood sugar level that often exceeded 200. But surprisingly it now stays at 100 or so.”

(Diabetes patient)

“That the respirator could be removed was a great surprise. And in just one and a half months!”

(Primary caretaker of a patient who suffered from malabsorption and became dependent on the respirator after surgery for colorectal cancer)