Since 1994, HoloLife has valued integrity, honesty, credibility, love, justice and truth. From its own lab in Silicon Valley to the Graduate Institute of Natural Healing Sciences, Nanhua University, and various medical centers in Taiwan, it has devoted itself to clinical studies and exploration of viable ways of translating natural medicine from theory into practice. Throughout the process we have verified the tremendous healing power of natural medicine time and again. Moreover, many discoveries and inspirations along the way have prompted us to take up more duties that we have both the obligation and capability to undertake. Building on what has been achieved so far, HoloLife is confident that it will blaze an indelible trail in man’s pursuit of a brave new world in medicine.

Vision: A New Dimension of MedicineIn the new dimension of medicine, we can observe the following:

1. 1. Healing is measured by a much higher bar. People are no longer content with merely easing and controlling symptoms and keeping side effects to a minimum. What they aim at is affecting a permanent cure and restoring physical, mental and spiritual health.
2. Healing is no longer a monopoly of drugs. It is a power shared by many other elements in our lives: food, exercise, habits, concepts, thought, etc. Their capacity for healing will assert itself if we identify the rules of nature and put them to optimal use. If necessary, we should readjust their priorities and implement the new agenda in our lives.
3. People are empiricists who decide for themselves. This is reflected not only in everyday healthcare but also in their seeking of medical diagnosis and therapy. What thus naturally emerges is a continuously evolving framework of medical care with patients at its core.
4. The predestined life cycle continues to run its course. But thanks to the universal acknowledgement of the law of nature, man can live in harmony with himself, his fellow beings and nature.

Values and Mission

Standing by our core values of integrity, honesty, credibility, love, justice and truth, HoloLife is committed to studying and developing natural medicine, thereby ushering medicine into a brave new world. In the meantime, we give priority to nurturing a high-caliber team of professionals, pioneering research, and developing the best-rounded healthcare formula and business model. By promoting empiricism and autonomy in health management across the community, HoloLife aims to help people enjoy health both in body and soul. Only then can life be truly savored and appreciated.


Five Core Areas of R&D

  1. Functional Foods: HoloLife’s unique “Chrono-Energetic Nutrients” are capable of generating what we call the “target resonance effect.” Meant for specific places of the human body and intended to be consumed at opportune points of time, they are set to generate optimal synergies in the form of both energy and nutrition.
  2. Health-Promotion Exercise: Simple, natural and conducive to bringing out energy inherent to the human body, it is an all-encompassing exercise designed not only to strengthen specific body locations but also to bring equilibrium to the entire body.
  3. Evaluation Gauges and Instruments: HoloLife has developed a number of gauges to assist patients or caretakers in health evaluation. Likewise, it has introduced a variety of instruments designed to monitor and interpret energy readings and other signals of the human body. These in turn can help evaluate or restore physical and mental health.
  4. Natural Medicine Learning Courses: Through lectures, practical training and personal experiencing, HoloLife is keen to help the general public adapt to health management characterized by empiricism and autonomy and assist medical personnel in enhancing their expertise in natural medicine.
  5. Health Enhancement Programs: Drawing on accomplishments in the preceding four areas, HoloLife has come up with a wide range of health enhancement programs. Having been implemented with admirable results, they are devised for such purposes as complementary treatment of cancer; anti-aging medicine; sleep disturbance; shoulder and neck ache; degenerative joint disease; rheumatoid arthritis; allergic rhinitis; periodontitis; xerophthalmia; stomach functional disorder; menopause; dysmenorrhea; migraine; stroke sequelae; old-age dementia; Parkinson’s disease; depression; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; acute and chronic heroin abstinence syndrome; health promotion at large; and potential development.

The Hololife Footprint

  • Started in Silicon Valley, HoloLife is equipped with production facilities that have been certified as conforming to the GMP regulations of the FDA. Committed to exploring natural medicine, HoloLife vows to develop “Target Resonance Technology” and “Chrono-Energetic Nutrients” and thus to help people enhance physical, mental and spiritual health. The ultimate goal is to enable man to rediscover the value of life and find hope again.
  • Our exclusive “computer-aided Encapsulation Simulation” technology allows active natural ingredients in extremely variable density and sizes to have the most immediate greatest stability during the capsule-filling process.
  • Invited by the U.S. Commerce Department to display the first “Chrono-Energetic Nutriology” line products at their exhibition.
  • Developed the “HoloLife Health Evaluation” model that is able to detect early warnings on health conditions.

  • The manufacturing management and Holo-Rice line were awarded the “Kosher Certificate”.

  • Developed a teaching system for HoloLife Fitness System such as the “Dragon Neck – Spinal EnergizingExercise”

  • Completed the “Testee-oriented Computer-aided Reading System for Human Body Function Evaluation”.

  • Developed “BIT-II SCANNER”, the world’s most compact human body function evaluating device.
  • Designed the “3D Human Body Energy Scanner” to provide guides to health improvement.

  •  Awarded 3 awards in the 9th International Congress of Chinese Medicine held in the United States.
    1. Best annual product award: Chrono-Energetic Nutriology System Products.
    2. Best annual fitness system award: HoloLife Fitness System.
    3. Best annual innovative technology award: HoloLife Health Evaluation System.

  • Developed the “CHRM Clients Health and Relationship Management” system to demonstrate our commitment to care and be responsible for our clients.

  • Organized the “HoloLife Physical and Mental Potential Expansion Project” for the basketball team of Taipei First Girls High School which resulted in a major progress in school grades and game results.

  • Organized the extremely efficient “HoloLife Physical and Mental Potential Expansion Project” at Bunny International Kindergarten in Taipei.

  • Utilizes WHOQOL of the World Health Organization as the evaluation reference for life quality improvement-associated programs held by HoloLife.

  • Organized a “ Natural Medicine Immersion Program through HoloLife Physical and Mental Potential Expansion Project ” for Taipei Medical University which brought great influence to students.

  • Organized the “21st Century Perspectives of Holistic Medicine and Bioenergetic Information medicine” with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University which benefited the Chinese and western medical communities

  • The “HoloLife Female Menopausal Life Quality Improvement Project” led to great outcomes in both blood tests and survey results.

  • Invited and participated in The1st International Integrated Holistic Health Care Conference, where lectures were given on topics including “Introduction to the Multi-Holograph of Bioenergetic Information Science and Its Application” and “Exploring the feasibility of expanding human Physical and Mental Potentiality”.

  • Utilizes infra-red tomography to verify the target resonance effects in energy transmission of HoloWater and GrapeVera.

  • Exclusively created the “BioEnergetic Sensitivity Testing Procedure and Reading Criteria” to help evaluate dosages and treatment efficacy.

  • Completed the “HoloLife Female Dysmenorrheal Improvement Project” with a 93% effective rate.

  • Invited and participated in the “In-flight Health Promotion Conference” held by the Taipei Medical University and the Council of Labor Affairs under the Executive Yuan in Taiwan.  A demonstration was given on the holistic energizing exercise which is able to immediately improve circulation and prevent deep vain thrombosis (DVT) resulting from long flights.

  • Invited and participated in the 1st Nanhua International Conference of Natural Healing Science. Speeches were given on the topics of “Natural Healing Science: Principle and Application” and “The Extraordinary Impact and Consequences of Natural Healing Science: An Unforgettable Experience for Medical School Students.”

  • Accomplished the first randomized double-blinded clinical study on Heroin withdrawal syndrome utilizing food products. Partnered with  2 main-stream medical centers in China.

  • Invited and participated in the 2nd Nanhua International Conference of Natural Healing Science.  Speeches were given on the topics of “The Neglected Significance of Natural Medicine on Drug Detoxification Demonstrated by the Astounding Clinical Trial Results” and “Fostering Holistic Cultivation with Principles of Natural Medicine.”

  • Integrated research data and discoveries that have been made through numerous years in the natural medicinal field to develop the “Journey of natural medicine” program. This program allows natural phenomena that co-exist with the human body to be experienced personally by the general public.
  •  Invited and participated in the 3rd Nanhua International Conference of Natural Healing Science, where speeches were given on the topics of “Discovering Principles of Natural Medicine through Clinical Practice and their Impact on the Future of Medicine” and “The Clinical Trial Results Using Functional Foods on Heroin Withdrawal Syndrome.”

  • Invited and participated in the 2nd International Integrated Holistic Health Care Conference held in Hawaii and presented “The Significance of Functional Food on Drug Detoxification Demonstrated by the Clinical Trial Results”
  • Participated in the NEUROSCIENCE2006 Conference held in Atlanta, USA, where we presented the results of “An open-labeled add-on therapeutic trial of food supplement, EASE-123, in patients with Parkinson’s disease”, a clinical studies on Parkinson’s disease that was conducted in the Tri-Service General Hospital.

  • Presented the results on “The Efficacy Evaluation of Functional Foods on Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”, a randomized double-blinded cross-over clinical trial conducted in the Tri-Service General Hospital, in the 45th Annual Conference of Taiwan Society of Psychiatry.

  • Started the assistance program on vegetative, autism, and drug-addicted AIDS patients and achieved great results of improvements. 

  • Accomplished our goal to complete 3 clinical trials in medical centers in 3 years.  This achievement serves as an important milestone to the development of HoloLife. 
  • Started the clinical trial on patients who have suffered a stroke for more than 6 months in the Tri-Service General Hospital.

  • Participated in the 1stWorld Conference of Natural Medicine in Nanjing, China.  Lectures were given on the topic of “Clinical Discovery: Implicit Insight to the Future of Natural Medicine”.

  • Invited by the 2ndWorld Conference of Natural Medicine to organize Session V: Integrative Medicine – Evidence-based Integrative Brain Medicine. Contents of the session included the results of 4 clinical trials conducted in medical centers. The topics of these trials are: “Natural Compound Benefits Nonmotor Symptoms in Parkinson Disease”, “The Effect of Functional Food on the Holistic Health of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Patients and the Quality of Life of Caregivers”, “Efficacy of Functional Foods on Acute and Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome of Heroin Dependence”, and “An Open-labeled Therapeutic Trial of Functional Foods in Old Ischemic Stroke Patients with Sequela of Aphasia”.

  • The conference proceedings also included results on 2 other studies: “The Possibility of Overall Improvement in the Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis and the Related Physical and Mental Disturbance” and “A Pilot Study of Functional Food on Improving Malnutrition Condition of Long-term Care Residents”

  • The speech given on the topic of “A Way of Cultivating Natural Medicine and Promoting Integrative Medicine: Discovery and Inspiration” was used to share with the general public all discoveries and amazing moments experienced by the HoloLife team within the previous 14 years.

  • In order to implement the call made by HoloLife in the 2nd World Conference of Natural Medicine on carrying out “Evidence-based self-managed healthcare”, we put-together 15 years of clinical findings and shared them with the general public put together through numerous activities on the “HoloLife Evidence-based self-managed healthcare”.  These activities aim to demonstrate how the general public can improve their self-caring abilities while being able to provide better health care for their family members.
  • As requested by the SOS Children’s Village of Taiwan, HoloLife has conducted the “Project Lift-off” with the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of Tri-Service General Hospital and the Psychology department of Soochow University. HoloLife was also responsible for 4 subprojects that led to great results.  These include: to help improve the growth and development of children, to elevate the learning ability of children, to provide health care advices, and to promote the health of care-givers.
  • Hololife continued promoting the concepts and methods of ‘Evidence-based Self-managed Healthcare’. At the same time, apart from conventional ‘Clinical Research’, the Company began to explore ‘Clinical Practice’ in hopes of furthering the efficacy of diagnosis and treatment for various patients’ needs in medical institutions.

  • After 2 years of diligent development, the Company completed the “HoloLife User’s Manual” that aims to provide medical professionals with guidance on how to effectively apply and practice 17 years of clinical achievements made by HoloLife.

  • At BioTaiwan 2012, Hololife premiered its two clinical documentary productions: “The Dawn of Stroke: Regain the Confidence and Hope of Patients with Stroke” and “Learning Leap: A Synchronized Elevation of Effectiveness of Learning and Life Wisdom”.

  • Hololife presented a seminar on ‘The Opportunities and Challenges of Embracing Integrative Medicine and Introducing Natural Medicine’ at Taiwan Medical Week 2012. It was an official declaration that: HoloLife is progressing onto the field of Integrative Medicine, a new stage of assisting medical institutions with introducing Natural Medicine.

  • Hololife jointly organized ‘The 1st Asia-Pacific Forum of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Taiwan’, where the Company’s latest research results and academic findings were cited in the conference, with the statement: “Today, Conventional medicine treats Natural Medicine as Complementary and Integrative Medicine; tomorrow, Natural Medicine will treat Conventional medicine as an assistant to the verification of its efficacy! ” was received with great enthusiasm and lively discussion.

  • The Company organized the “HoloLife Physical and Mental Potential Expansion Project” for Taiwan VoxNativa Children’s Choir.ntroducing Natural Medicine.

  • The Company hosted a seminar on ‘The Treatment of Brain Diseases in Natural Medicine: Evidence and Prospects’ during the Taiwan Medical Week 2013 conference. This was the first time that the Formosan Medical Association approved physician members who participated in the Natural Medicine seminar received Continuing Education Credits.

  • Hololife was invited and participated in the 1st International Allied Health Sciences Conference held in Thailand and presented ‘Treatment of Brain Diseases in Natural Medicine: Evidences and Prospects’.

  • After two years of development and refinement, the Company successfully launched the HoloLife Natural Medicine Core Curriculum. Physicians that completed the curriculum, which encompassed a 3 day course coupled with 3 weeks of method practice, were generally able to relieve more than 85% of patients of various discomforts within 6 minutes. This achievement aptly marked the 20th anniversary of Hololife and motivated the team to further development the Hololife therapeutic platform.

  • HoloLife and Rafa Natural Clinic once again completed the ‘HoloLife Physical and Mental Potential Expansion Project’, marking the 7th successful completion of the project in 16 years since the Company’s earliest collaboration with Taipei First Girls High School in 1999. Prevailing outcomes of Hololife’s scheduled execution proved that: allergic diseases, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, emotional disturbance and learning difficulties have all improved, and that the capability and condition of reflection, caring, and the ability to apply knowledge to action can all be enhanced.

  • Published the results on “Open-labelled observations of language dysfunction in old ischemic stroke patients with aphasia when given plant and marine-based nutrient supplements for 12 weeks.“,on Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2016;25(2):265-272