HoloLife, started in Silicon Valley in 1994, spent its first decade in an intensive exploration of natural medicine. The subsequent three years saw the completion of clinical trials at four medical centers. And then we began our healing of a good number of patients. In all this time we have witnessed not only many memorable moments of joy but phenomena we know that should never be ignored. Our cause not only casts in doubt what people have long taken for granted but raises questions about many a long-established doctrine. What we have accomplished is a new theoretical and diagnostic/therapeutic framework of natural medicine. We also have cultivated a team of professionals who are committed to their ideals and mission and strive together toward a new dimension in medicine. 

In the new dimension, 
Healing is measured to a higher standard. 
We are no longer content with controlling the illness or easing the symptoms,
We aim to for a permanent cure, we aim to restore health in the body, mind, and soul.


In the new dimension, 
Patients adopt a responsible and independent attitude toward treatment 
This is reflected not only in everyday healthcare But also in their seeking of medical diagnosis and therapy. 
What naturally emerges is a continuously evolving framework 
Of medical care with patients and individualized treatments at the core.


In the new dimension, 
Birth, ageing, sickness, and death still run their course. 
With the universal acknowledgement of the laws of nature, 
We can live in elevated harmony with ourselves, our fellow beings, and nature. 


In the new dimension,
We carry the hope of a more harmonious life

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