In clinical trials conducted at medical centers, HoloLife’s unique functional foods capable of generating what we call the “target resonance effect” have been confirmed to work quite a few wonders:

1.Paralysis is no longer a permanent symptom for stroke patients that were struck more than six months earlier. In fact, the patient still has a good chance of regaining his capability for many Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). In contrast, no modern drugs have been known to be effective in reversing paralysis symptoms caused by a stroke in patients that were struck more than six months earlier.(Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2016;25(2):265-272)

2. Evaluation based on the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) finds a 15 percent improvement in the condition of patients in just six months. In contrast, an improvement by no more than 3-5 percent is already something hard to come by through modern drugs. (Journal of Medical Sciences,Clinical Efficacy of Nutritional Food Supplement in Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. J Med Sci 2011; 31(6):257-262)

3.It is possible to simultaneously alleviate the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and rhinitis by over 20 percent and 50 percent respectively over the course of six weeks. Clinical studies have confirmed that as many as 60 percent of ADHD patients tend to also suffer from the complication of rhinitis. But ADHD and rhinitis are seldom studied together as they come under different branches of medicine. As such, Western medicine has hardly thought of developing an integrated approach toward treating the two at the same time.(Presented in the 45th Annual Conference of Taiwan Society of Psychiatry)

4.Taking the recommended functional foods for seven days is all it takes to cure insomnia, anxiety, bodily aches, lack of appetite, and fatigue—many of the common symptoms that plague heroin addicts who are trying to kick the habit. But modern medicine requires different drugs for different symptoms. What’s worse, not all symptoms can be addressed in the drugs available. Most of those drugs only work to control the symptom as opposed to eliminating them permanently. (The 2ndWorld Conference of Natural Medicine, Conference Proceedings papers)

Moreover, HoloLife has accomplished clinical studies and case reports for more than 30 different symptoms. These clinical results are empirical findings that should not be taken lightly in constructing a well-rounded therapeutic mechanism. In particular, some of these clinical findings seem to defy what man has long taken for granted as medical knowledge. They deserve further research and may offer an opportunity to unfold a new dimension in medicine.

Clinical Trials


  • “HoloLife Physical and Mental Potential Expansion Project” for the basketball team of Taipei First Girls High School
  • “HoloLife Physical and Mental Potential Expansion Project” at Bunny International Kindergarten in Taipei
  • “HoloLife Physical and Mental Potential Expansion Project” at Taipei Medical University
  • “Project Lift-off” at SOS Children’s Village of Taiwan
  • HoloLife Holistic Health Program