If you can adopt an evidence-based and self-managed stance on healthcare while seeking to make sense of all the phenomena around you, maybe you can go on to explain what you perceive. You can also observe whether the phenomena are repeatable. But never seek the opposite by insisting that every phenomenon conform to your own experience and knowledge. With this understanding in mind, you are invited to join HoloLife in a journey to the new dimension of natural medicine. In this journey you will find that natural medicine has the capability not only to prevent illness and promote health but also to effect both a temporary alleviation and a permanent cure when the need arises. Another promised discovery is that man can regain a lot of what has always been inherent but was once lost—perceptiveness, systemic thinking and willpower as well as the capability to love and care for others—once his health is restored. These discoveries, in turn, should give you much confidence in and hope for the future of humanity. Together, let’s treasure what natural medicine has to offer!

Counseling Service

One lesson we have learned in our more than a decade in the field is that those who have benefitted most from our counseling service are those who have at least an inkling of HoloLife’s thinking and way of doing things. Some sort of consensus-building, therefore, is essential before we provide the service. For more information, please Click here.


Sharing Our Experience

Medical institutions, healthcare organizations and specialists that are interested in making use of HoloLife’s research results are welcome to get in touch with us. It will be a privilege and a pleasure to work with those whose ideals and vision are compatible with ours. We will arrange demonstrations and a preliminary introduction so that you can learn more about what HoloLife has to offer and how it can be of use to you. To contact us Click here.

Social Relief

One irony of our time is that social relief is often marred by the lack of an effective solution to problems, not a shortage of funds. Nearly two decades of dedication to the field has given HoloLife a capability outside the reach of either Western medicine or Chinese medicine. It is our hope that this capability can benefit as many disadvantaged groups as possible. For social relief inquiries, please Click here.


Clinical Research

Over the years clinical research has always topped our agenda. We believe nothing matters more than seeking out the truth. For an overview of HoloLife’s ongoing and prospective clinical research projects, please Click here. Patients or their relatives who are interested in getting involved in these projects are welcome to get in touch with us.


Research Partners

Physicians and institutions that are keen to explore therapeutic possibilities through clinical studies and go on to conduct translational research or integrate clinical applications are welcome to get in touch with us. For more information, please Click here.


Talent ReserveThose who take interest in a career in natural medicine are welcome to get in touch with us. We’ll provide the aspirants with educational or practical training programs in due course. For more information, please Click here.

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