If we have the humility to respect nature and follow the rules of nature, it should not be a surprising discovery that healing cannot be done with drugs alone. Healing is a power shared by many other elements in our lives: food, exercise, habits, concepts, thought, etc. Understand the rules of nature and put them to optimal use; readjust their priorities and implement the new agenda in our lives. In turn, the elements cited above will be able to exhibit their capacity for effecting a permanent cure of diseases and restoring physical, mental and spiritual health.

We need to stop settling for partial recovery and symptom control. People aspire to bring out their physical and mental potential to the fullest so that they can always perform to their best at work and live to their fullest potential. When it finally dawns on them that all these are within reach through following the rules of nature, people will be able to enjoy a harmonious co-existence with themselves, fellow beings, and nature.

Natural Medicine — A Science That Progresses With the Times

Natural medicine is in effect a summary of how the interaction of man and his surroundings—fellow beings, happenings and objects—influences the human body. It also consists of a mechanism and a set of principles by which the human body is believed to behave and react to all the external and internal changes. Simply put, it is a branch of preventive medicine that aims for physical, mental and spiritual health all at once. For eons, man had come to rely on whatever healing techniques available to his particular locality even without the aid of scientific instruments or transport means. Natural medicine is an actuality that consists of factual phenomena governed by a set of rules. No matter how civilization has progressed, the phenomena and rules of natural medicine have remained intact all.
How has the evolution of human civilization affected that of natural medicine? Holography invented by Dennis Gabor in 1948 enabled us to better undertake and interpret many clinical applications: foot massage, auricular therapy, iridology, electrodermal screening devices, etc. In 1977, Ilya Prigogine was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering work on what he calls dissipative structures. His theory was later applied in explaining why the human body, which is also a dissipative system, has no traces of meridian, the main and collateral channels through which vital energy circulates, after death. To be sure, the phenomena predated the theories. But what really matters is the fact that both holography and the dissipative system are the brainchildren of Nobel Prize winners. With a greater number of believers, it becomes easier to apply and promote natural medicine.
Progress in civilization has never changed natural phenomena and the rules of nature. Instead it has given a boost to our capability for explaining, applying, and promoting natural medicine. From this standpoint, it is fair to say that natural medicine will continue to progress with the times.

HoloLife — Seeking Truth of Natural Medicine

Throughout its quest in natural medicine over the years, HoloLife has been seeking answers to the following:


  • Why has man been able to develop so many different ways of “natural healing” in different parts of the world during different periods of time?
  • Under what circumstances did man first discover his internal capacity for relaying energy and the existence of meridian, the main and collateral channels through which vital energy circulates?
  • What effects are the ingredients of drugs and foods—their composition and weighting in the whole—likely to have on the relay of vital energy inside the human body?
  • The capacity for energy relay varies from one person to another. How will this difference dictate the optimal dosage of medicine and what effect is this difference likely to have on the speed of healing?
  • As man interacts with his surroundings—fellow beings, happenings and objects, what scenarios are likely to be recorded in the form of “information structure?”
  • How does this “information structure” thus register respond to specific situations and go on to trigger energetic and biochemical reactions, thereby affecting the given individual’s mood and behavior? What role does consciousness play in this process of resonance?
  • How will consciousness and mindset affect the inclination and content of “information registry” and in turn weigh on man’s physical, mental and spiritual health over the long run?
  • From conception and birth to death, time dictates the relationship between the physical sphere of the universe and the human body. It also has a decisive say on every element within the human body—energy, information and biochemistry. How can these elements be applied in the diagnostic and therapeutic process as well as in health promotion at large?

Ours is a quest that stresses not only depth but also width. It is a lengthy and massive accumulation of repeated deliberation, verification and applications centering on clinical trials. Theories are formed by drawing on phenomena, elements, principles, effects and mechanisms. These are in turn applied and put into practice in health management, autonomous care, diagnostic and therapeutic systems, potential development, and life development. Throughout the entire process we have never deviated from the “trunk” of natural medicine while branching out in other directions whenever and wherever warranted. What has emerged accordingly is an orderly, well-rounded framework.

Target Resonance Effect: The Most Precious Principle of Natural Medicine

For HoloLife, the most significant discovery throughout its exploration in the sphere of natural medicine is the “target resonance effect” (patent pending). As far as energy is concerned, the human body is really a dissipative structure: a multi-dimension, multi-layer structure readily subject to the influence of sound, light, electricity, information and consciousness. To maintain its equilibrium, it must engage in a ceaseless exchange of energy with the external environment. When this exchange entails an overall resonance with the human body, what is known as the “standing wave effect” it tends to assert itself in a number of positions in the latter. As these resonance positions are quite precise and repeatable, we call our discovery the target resonance effect. It is an immensely precious discovery in that once the effect gets started, the resonance will function like a pump that greatly facilitates the circulation of blood. In their turn, specific positions (target areas) will benefit from a higher blood oxygen level and enjoy a major boost in their capacity for sustaining nutrition and immunity. The functioning of organic cells will thus gradually recover and even strengthen. All these ultimately lead to bolstering health and curing illness. When it comes to therapy and healing, the target resonance effect is justifiably tantamount to a revolutionary thinking and approach.

The target resonance effect is no more than a natural phenomenon deriving from the interaction between man and his environment—fellow beings, occurrences and objects. As such, there are certainly a good number of possible approaches to bringing about the effect. In developing functional foods, HoloLife always seeks an optimal configuration of ingredients, calibrated with trace elements when warranted. They are intended to produce an overall resonance in the human body, thereby generating the desired target resonance effect. HoloLife rightfully calls it “Target Resonance Technology.”

Our numerous, great variety of clinical trials have time and again validated the target resonance effect. With its success in generating the effect, our target resonance technology proves a convincing testimonial to the most precious principle of natural medicine.


The two photos in the left show steel tabletops attaining different frequencies of resonance and the standing wave effect jointly formed by still rice grains (in white) and vibrating tabletops (in dark).

The two photos in the left both show a breast cancer patient who has had her left breast removed and is undergoing chemotherapy. One was taken just before her intake of GV-48, a functional food comprising grapes, aloe and trace elements, while the other, five minutes after the act. The contrast clearly illustrates an increase in body temperature deriving from strengthened blood circulation across such target areas as the chest, belly, head and liver.

Simple Applications and Characteristics of the Target Resonance Effect

The beauty of the target resonance effect is its precision in focusing on target areas while preserving overall equilibrium at the same time. This in turn makes possible a pretty straightforward therapeutic process. With target areas covering the symptom areas or positions in need of improvement, one can expect to attain considerable healing effectiveness without worrying about side effects.


The figure in the left shows the target resonance effect generated by three products—A, B and C. Both A and B have the capacity for addressing symptoms caused by unfavorable vigor and blood conditions in the underbelly, such as dysmenorrhea. We call this “treating the same illness from different approaches.” As A is also meant for the forehead as a target area, it is also good for someone who feels dizziness or pain in the forehead. As such, A can rightfully act as the same solution to different symptoms.

BioEnergetic Sensitivity Test: The Value of a Great Discovery

Years of clinical trials have confirmed that when the same formula designed to generate the target resonance effect is applied, target resonance areas do not vary from one person to another. But the intensity and speed of the effect do vary from person to person as people tend to exhibit different levels of conductivity when it comes to the relay of energy. A noteworthy phenomenon is that those who are less resistant and more sensitive to the relay of energy often feel discomfort or suffer conspicuous side effects when they take the dosage prescribed by their physician. It is hardly surprising that the patient often develops a dislike for the medication and opts to decrease the dosage on his own. By contrast, those who are more resistant and less sensitive often opt to increase the dosage by themselves. This phenomenon makes it clear that energy sensitivity weighs far more than body weight and age in determining the optimal dosage. Over the years the BioEnergetic Sensitivity Test and its standard testing procedures (patent pending) have been continuously refined through clinical trials and studies. It is now an indispensable part of HoloLife’s clinical process. Given its capacity for more precise dosage evaluation and the projection of healing speed, it is a giant step toward ushering in personalized medicine.

Recuperation Phases and Characteristics: Devising an Effective Therapeutic Process for Both Doctor and Patient



Many phenomena—the growth of germs in a Petri dish or changes in a city’s population—can be portrayed with a mathematical diagram of curves (diagram on the right). In its years of clinical trials, HoloLife has discovered a similar pattern, in particular in the process of treating chronic patients. Four phases of recuperation can be easily identified:

  1. Waiting Phase: This is an early stage when the patient waits for his physical recovery to start.
  2. Rapid Recovery Phase: The rectification of symptoms can be both fast and conspicuous.
  3. Consolidation Phase: Emphasis is placed on preserving what has been achieved. With the pace of improvement slowing, what has been achieved so far may prove futile if the treatment is disrupted arbitrarily.
  4. Saturation Phase: The saturation point for a given solution has been reached. Rather than bringing about further improvement, extending the solution can only keep the status quo at best.


Doctors can set gauges in tandem with the characteristics of the four phases to monitor if their patient turns out an abnormal case. For example, if the patient stops short of entering the rapid recovery phase as expected, how much longer can the waiting phase be allowed to extend? And how many more modifications are permitted for the ongoing treatment program? If the patient fails to be fully cured, how much longer is it permissible for this phase of “no further improvement” to persist? This is important because it is undesirable for the patient to stay in the saturation and maintenance phase for too long when other overdue countermeasures could have been taken much earlier.

In a similar vein, it is advisable for the general public to join their doctors in setting these gauges in order to better enforce empirical and autonomous health management. The doctor-patient interaction of the sort must prove a solid guarantee that both sides can work out a most effective therapeutic process and attain the desired effectiveness.


Natural Medicine—Our Framework of Theory and Practice

In our quest in the sphere of natural medicine, HoloLife’s observation of phenomena in a multitude of cases has been rewarded with much enlightenment. In turn, it makes an inexhaustible source for our induction and deduction to draw from. From theory to clinical trials, a good number of discoveries and new devices have been made: five elements of natural medicine (substance, energy, information, consciousness and time); ten main principles; effects and mechanisms; diagnostic and therapeutic systems; Evidence-based Health Promotion; and Self-management Healthcare. Together, they form HoloLife’s “Framework of Natural Medicine Theory and Practice.” A comprehensive summary of HoloLife’s discoveries made over the years, it also promises to emerge a new bellwether that guides future development of natural medicine.




Probability of Theory Inspiring Clinical Affirmation

Based on our understanding of holographic phenomena, we expect to discern a holographic relationship between the prostate and the womb. It is only natural, therefore, that one will want to find out how to better care for the prostate while seeking ways to alleviate dysmenorrhea. In 2003, HoloLife was granted the opportunity to clinically verify this hypothesis. A total of 30 people participated in the project, with each of them told to take two BS-28 capsules a day. In just 17 days, as many as 93% of the participants reported less severe dysmenorrhea. Even in the follow-up survey conducted six months later, this effectiveness stayed with up to 86.7% of the respondents. Above all, 46.7% continued to enjoy total absence of pain and 40% continued to experience lesser pain than before. Indeed, this process from theoretical inspiration to clinical affirmation turns out an admirable success!


Inevitability of Clinical Trials Driving Theoretical Development

“A patient who had been struck by a stroke more than six months earlier could not even change position in bed. But in just two weeks’ time he can now move the wheelchair, go to the toilet and return to bed all by himself.”

“A chronic dementia patient of often mistook people for others or toothpaste for facial cream. But it is no longer the case merely two weeks later.”

What’s the mechanism behind the amazing fact that these patients suffering from brain abnormalities for over six months could have their symptoms greatly improved in just two weeks? As far as modern medicine is concerned, it is simply impossible for nerve regeneration or nerve plasticity to effectively materialize in two weeks. They are possibilities that must be excluded. Inevitably, “nerve reactivation “stands out as the only possible remaining hypothesis that can logically explain the phenomenon.


Nerve Reactivation Theory:

In the event of brain damage, some cerebral cells die and others hardly survive and can no longer function due to insufficient blood supply. Once blood circulation improves, however, this group of dying cerebral cells can often regain strength and become operational again. We call this phenomenon “nerve reactivation.” In the meantime, we believe that continuous nerve reactivation can effectively foster and speed up nerve plasticity and nerve regeneration.



Stages of Self-Healing: An Ideal Passage to Holistic Health

Does man have an infinite capacity for healing himself? The answer is obviously negative. Otherwise all of us could expect to recover from illness even without medication at all. As is shown in the recuperation curve, one must ultimately get to the saturation and maintenance phase. Further improvement is attainable only with the help of a multi-dimension, multi-layer program. One of our most interesting discoveries is that as a chronic patient recovers, his physical and mental improvement tends to take place in the following order: Six Self-Healing Indices (sleep, appetite, bowel movements, physical strength, span of concentration, mood); symptoms of the illness in point; capacity for self-care and work; perception of and interaction with the surroundings (fellow beings, happenings and objects); the life quality of the patient and his caretaker; and holistic health. Together, these stages of gradual development in self-healing constitute an ideal passage to the ultimate goal of holistic health.


Mental Health Matters More Than Physical/Spiritual Health

When it comes to weighing the importance of physical, mental and spiritual health, mental health rightly deserves top priority. In comparison with its physical and spiritual counterparts, the mind enjoys much greater autonomy. Moreover, the mind dictates the state and inclination of consciousness, thereby weighing on how the human body undertakes “information registry.” When the mind transmits signals of reflection, gratitude, tolerance, concern, and love or is in a setting full of these elements, the person tends to opt for positive “information registry” regardless of his surroundings. In turn, this positive “information structure” built bit by bit over time forms a fundamental source for nurturing physical, mental and spiritual health. Never too late! A benign cumulative process is set in motion once someone makes up his mind to move to higher ground and do good deeds. It is a task beyond outside help as only you yourself can do it.